and with it comes death, and what a relief.

eleven years ago, a $30 petco brat of a rabbit came into my life. i didn’t plan for it, but it happened, and i’m glad that it did. mercutio (or, as my mom insisted on, bun) was a dark brown rex rabbit enrobed with the softest, smoothest fur in the world.

he was awful. he chewed up the carpet, the drywall, clothes, books, pens, computer chargers, bedding. he thumped his back feet on the floor, loudly, if he didn’t like the garbage truck or a dog barking outside or whatever. he never wanted to be held or lifted or touched.

he was spoiled. strawberry tops, watermelon rinds, fresh green beans, farm-harvested hay, $16 bags of pellets, trader joe’s banana chips, the occasional cheezit. toilet paper toys, custom-cut amazon boxes, tissue paper.

he was a good rabbit. he would munch-munch his teeth when he was happy and occasionally gave kisses if the mood struck him. more often than not, he just wanted to exist nearby and watch.

he met meeko and smokey before they passed, and luna and leo who are now the next generation. but no one was quite like mercutio. it is forever impossible to describe grief other than a large, empty hole where a life once existed.

as for me… i will have to sit at the edge of that hole and wait for the sands of time to begin filling the chasm. rest easy, bun.

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